WIN has sponsored and participated in a variety of political and cultural events and conferences.

Some examples of past participations include:


“Call to Action: Moving the Agenda for California Women 2005 and Beijing +10”
December 2004

“The Presidential Tour” A Discovery Channel film with President Yoweri Museveni
November 2003

Welcoming Afifa Azim, Founder and President of the Afgan Women’s Network
November 2003

Circle of Courage Award presentation with Senator Barbara Boxer
August 2003

Calling the Circle of Women from the U.S. and Afghanistan
March 2003

The Real Eve Premier
Avril 2002

Aileen Hernandez and Martha Burke on Crossfire Chat, CNN Interactive
November 2000

World March of Women, Washington, D.C.
October 2000

UN Beijing +5: Women 2000, New York, New York.
June 2000

Beijing + 5 Prep Conference: South Pacific Region, San Francisco, California
Febuary 2000

2nd China-USA Conference on Women’s Issues, Beijing, China
October 1999

Pacific West Coast Regional Summit on Africa, San Francisco, California
June 1999   More info

Women’s Philharmonic Concert: A Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt, San Francisco, California
December 1998 

CAlifornia Women’s Agenda (CAWA), San Francisco, California
June 1996