California Activists Celebrated Women’s Equality Day
with a Call to Action on

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Intercultural intergenerational women leaders from 10 California counties gathered in San Francisco on August 26th for a provocative day of change agent conversation on nationally proclaimed Women’s Equality Day. Among special guests was a delegation of fourteen women from California’s Central Valley. We have been enlightened and energized by our association with these inspiring women and girls who toil in the fields and help give farmworker women a voice on issues that matter to them and their families.

To mark this day and voter challenges in 2012, Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN)  convened a “Call to Action on Voter Rights & Responsibilities” with co-sponsors that included the California Women’s Agenda (CAWA),  CA NOW, American Friends Service Committee, Filipina Women’s Network, the Center for Collaborative Planning, ACLU,  AAUW CA, Suscol Intertribal Council, Valley Women’s Club, Friends of the San Francisco Department on Women, SeeJaneDo, Doris J. Foster Foundation and Southwest Airlines.

Emcee Rose Aguilar, host of Your Talk Radio, KALW 91.7 FM,  moderated a topical panel of experts:

Marily Mondejar, Filipina Women’s Network (FWN),

Tiffany Mok, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and

Charlie Toledo, Suscol Intertribal Council.  


They discussed activities in their Asian, Indigenous, African American and rural communities for getting out the vote and the legal and cultural challenges facing them in November. Rose held a Q&A with participants for their stories and thoughts. Follow WIN on Facebook for these tips on video and at our weblog.



We honored key health and social justice activists and our beloved Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, (CA) District 6, retiring after 20 years in the US House of Representatives, with the WIN 2012 Circle of Courage Award.  Congresswoman Woolsey is recognized nationally as the ‘spark plug’ who kept CEDAW on the congressional agenda year after year. Longtime CAWA State Chair Aileen C. Hernadez, now retired, introduced congress woman Lynn Woolsey.


These Circle of Courage Awardees have been in the trenches and made a big difference for all women with their courageous activism:

• Roma Guy, CAWA Health Policy Chair since 1996; State Chair Health Access,
•Award presented by Dian Harrison, WIN Chair,
•Comments by Ellen Shaffer, Co-Chair Center for Policy Analysis

• Graciela Martinez,American Field Service Committee, Proyecto Campesino, 15 years (Ret.)
• Award presented by Harriet Ishimoto, Aide to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.
• Comments by Robyn Flores, Social Action Consultant, Visalia, CA

• Carol Norberg, Veteran Feminist Activist and Angel for many women’s organizations, CAWA County Coordinator.
• Diana Madoshi, CAWA Placer County Coordinator, presented her award.
• Comments by Patty Bellasalma, State Chair CA NOW

Jedi Knight 2012, awarded to the men who have braved working inside the ‘Death Star” on our behalf be it corporate, institutional or legislative (see Star Wars) went to Mark Norberg, Carol’s partner in action for over 60 years.

Carol Norberg, Feminist Icon.

Special thanks to West Coast Video for filming the day which will be available on clips at our YouTube and weblog; to Sandra Pounder and Peggy Ruffin for the fun and enticing items on the Silent Auction; to Tamika and Kevin at the AAACC for an awesome venue with inspiring art and sound system; to Spiceitup Catering for our lunch; beautiful fruit carried from the Central Valley women (like we never see in our grocery stores), Dian Harrison for the Wine and Cheese that closed our inspiring day and sent us on our way to mobilize for November – and to the many committed activists on the ground throughout California working for health and social justice.

And our sincere appreciation to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee for their beautiful letters of acknowledgement to WIN and the awardees. And a big thanks to Congressman Mike Honda for a really cool video greeting and acknowledgement of Congresswoman Woolsey.


Letter from Congresswoman Lee

Letter from Congresswoman Pelosi




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National Women’s Law Center  put together a comprehensive collection of eight factsheets on why women should vote, broken down by issue. Topics covered range from Social Security to the economy, from health care and reproductive health to getting single mothers the support they need – all crucial to women’s lives and our country’s future. The page also features a Woman’s Guide to Voter Suppression, which details how voting restrictions such as Voter ID laws particularly affect women’s ability to vote. Click Here!


Tools for Effective Advocacy









California NOW, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), SeeJaneDo, Filipina Women’s Network, Suscol Intertribal Council, Ventura County Women’s Collaborative, American Friends Service Committee, San Franciso Friends of the Department on the Status of Women, Center for Collaborative Planning, Valley Women’s Center, Doris J. Foster Foundation, American Association of University Women CA, West Coast Video, Trader Joes, Southwest Airlines and Blind Pilot for Circle of Courage Awards.




Marilyn Fowler
Graciela Martinez
Dian Harrison
Rose Aguilar
Elisa Parker
Helynna Brooke
Kathleen Cha
Patty Bellasalma
Julianne Cartwright Traylor
Mona Montawi
Marcia McLean
Diana Madoshi
Diana Goodrow
Robyn Flores
Charlie Toledo
Carol Norberg

Roberta Guise
Kathleen Cha
Rose Aguilar
Marjorie Freu

West Coast Video
Synergy Moon

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi
Senator Barbara Boxer
Congresswoman Barbara lee
Aileen C. Hernandez
Billie Heller
Charlie Toledo
Olivia Puentes-Reynolds
Dian J. Harrison
Yuri Kochiyama
Gracia Molina Pick
Dr Raye Richardson
Elisa Sanchez
Elahe Amani
Madeline Duckles

Reginald Major
Jerry Flynn
Steven Graves
Jeff Adachi
Hon. Willie L. Brown

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