WIN is an NGO Consultative to the UN ECOSOC and partners with multi-diverse networks locally and globally.

Women’s Intercultural Network – UNIVERSE


Board of Directors

Jan Robinson Flint – Co-Chair

Charlie Toledo, Co-Chair

Sarah Almond Pike, Secretary

Helynna Brooke, Treasurer

Elahe Amani, Chair Global Council

Isabel Arrollo

Lenka Belkova

Elmy Bermejo

Jessica Buchleitner

Robin Endres

Margo Fleming

Molly D. Klett

Graciela Martinez

Ana Maria Sanchez

Ileana Winterhalter

Marilyn Fowler – President/ CEO



Jane Bernard Powers – US Women’s Caucus, UN

Julianne Cartwright Traylor – Former Co-Chair

Kathleen Cha – Former Co-Chair


Global Advisory Council

Synne Hall Arnoy

Bronagh A. Hinds

Hon. Annette Mukabera

Raihana Popalzai

Wu Qing

Raye Richardson, Ph.D.

Rosemary George Straley

Ross Uchimura

Yasuko Wachi, Ph.D


IT and Research

Amy Aquilino

Awiji Bahrami

Chris Fowler 

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